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Doors Unlimited Launches New Website:

We’ve come a long way since Doors Unlimited first opened its doors for business in 1973, and a lot has changed.  We spend time on this thing called The Internet – seems we’re always looking at our computers or smart phones. We have more access to information than ever before, and supposedly our lives are better for it. It’s debatable how all this connectivity affects us, but one thing is certain, our lives may never be the same.

Doors Unlimited has had a website since the 1990’s, and has had several new websites since then, with each new site better and than the ones before. They’re launching a new site.  It will be designed to be discovered and listed well on Google and other other search engines, and also to display well on mobile devices.

They hope that the new website services as a tool to connect with their customers, and that it will benefit the consumer that visits the site by being easy to navigate and find the information they are looking for. The new site is a work in progress with future plans to add pages to accommodate the many services that Doors Unlimited offers.

The domain address will still be

Responsive website template on multiple devices

Responsive website template on multiple devices